Dystopian Wars World MAP

This map is a representation of the world poitical situation in the Dystopian World, circa 1870 (before any of the major campaigns started). It was originally produced by forum user Heartbroken Tone 76, and first published on the Spartan Games offical forums in August, 2013.

Grand Coalition NationsEdit

Blood Red - Kingdom of Britannia and Dominions (Canada , India , Royal Australia etc.)

Medium Grey-Blue - Federated States of America

Forest Green - Russian Coalition

Maroon - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Grey - Free Hellenic Kingdom

Camo Green - Republic of Egypt

Medium Purple - Portugese Empire

Fluro Yellow - Spanish Republican Confederacy

Light Yellow - Kingdom of Romania

Imperial Bond NationsEdit

Light Purple - Prussian Empire and Dominions (Prussian Scandinavia and Habsburg Union of Austro - Hungary)

Medium Blue - Republique of France

Golden Yellow - Empire of the Blazing Sun

Pale Green - Free Chilean Republic

Blue-Grey - Chinese Federation

Medium Pink - Kingdom of Denmark

Light Orange - Protectorate of Belgium

Medium Orange - Ottoman Empire

Free NationsEdit

Light Pink - Commonwealth of Free Australia

Grass Green - League of Italian States

Turquoise - Socialist Union of South America

Not on map - Covenant of Antarctica