The following is an account of the timeline to the World War, and important events leading up to it.

Pre-War TimelineEdit

War TimelineEdit



October 15 - Operation Cyclone - forces depart San Diego and San Francisco

November 2 - Operation Burning Skies - FSA Aerial forces begin attacking EotBS aerial forces around Hawaii

November 7 - Operation Silver Scythe - Russian Aerial and Naval forces attack Midway Atoll

November 12-13 - Battle of Big Island - EotBS and Italian Trajan Fleet naval forces attack the FSA main fleet, but are driven off

November 16 - Operation Aloha - FSA forces make landfall on Big Island, Hawaii November 16 - Operation Steel Fury - EotBS forces invade Kuril Islands and Sakhalin

November 17-20 - Operation Thunder God - EotBS and Chinese forces invade Primorsky Krai, Russia - Operation Copper Rain begins

November 22 - EotBS Forces begin evacuating Big Island

November 26 - Battle of Ussuryisk - Russian armoured forces counter-attack EotBS forces and are destroyed

November 26 - Siege of Vladivostok begins

November 27 - Battle of the Mists - Covenant forces attack FSA Operation Ranger forces to slow their progress to Hooke's Reach. Bizzare weather conditions hamper both sides

November 29 - Operation Silver Lance - Russian Naval forces from Vladivostok attack the Chinese port of Naijin, and are driven back by combined Chinese and EotBS forces

November 29 - Operation High Jump - FSA forces make landfall on Hooke's Reach

December 24 - Operation Grey Dragon - FSA forces offensive on Maui begins. The attack is bogged down, and is stymied by new-years

December 24 - 27 - FSA forces assault and capture the Iron Spire - the final redoubt of EotBS forces on Big Island

December 25-28 - FSA and Covenant forces come to a truce on Hooke's Reach, and negotiate FSA withdrawal  December 29 - FSA forces depart from Hooke's Reach - Operation Ranger ends


January 4-5 - Operation Mistweaver - Covenant and Free Australian naval forces translocate from Hooke's Reach to North Pacific, and raid Russian Naval forces from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Covenant forces are repulsed with heavy damage

January 12-13 - Battle of the North Pacific - Mistweaver forces defend their secondary rally point from Russian, FSA and EotBS forces. Covenant forces finally withdraw via translocation mid-battle

January 28 - Operation Buckwheat - FSA forces make landfall on Guadacanal, San Cristobal and Malaita to support Royal Australian and New Zealand forces

February 7 - Honiara Ambush - Wani naval forces assault FSA naval forces off Honiara