Prussian Scandinavia
Prussian Scandanavia Flag
Govenment Details
Faction Imperial Bond
Current Leader Hochmeister Richard Herbert Graf von Gotenborg
Date Founded 1770
Capital City Stockholm
Other Details
Category Minor Nation
Close Allies Prussian Empire


Pre-war historyEdit

World War historyEdit


The Prussian Scandinavia, which is an extension of the Prussian empire, covers the entire territory once knew as the "Scandinavia" the kingdoms of Norway and Sweden. This nation is not truly independent because it belongs to the Order of the Teutonic Knights, which are direct vassals of the Prussian Emperor.


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On the TabletopEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

Scandinavia Prussian covers the territory once known as the "Scandinavian" the kingdoms of Norway and Sweden. In fact, this "nation" is the equivalent of the old Teutonic state, who disappeared in 1525 in our reality. Here, the Order of the Teutonic Knights has not disappeared and was awarded the Scandinavian territories incorporated into the Prussian empire.