The Pacific Cyclone was a series of related campaigns that ran from October 1871 to February 1872, in various locations across the Pacific Ocean.

The main campaign was a long-planned assault by the Federated States of America on the Kingdom of Hawaii, which was being leased by the Empire of the Blazing Sun as a staging area for their Pacific fleet. Although the Americans were able to take Big Island, attacks on Maui ground down to a stalemate.

The FSA also launched a punitive strike on the Covenant of Antarctica at their outpost on Hooke's Reach, in retaliation for the Covenant's interference during the Hurricane Season campaign. Ultimately, the FSA's assault was blunted, and a withdrawal was negotiated. However, the losses the Covenant suffered dented their ability to complete a technology raid against the Russian Coalition.

The Empire of the Blazing Sun also used the opportunity to launch an attack towards the Russian city of Vladivostok, in association with their allies the Chinese Federation. Despite internal strife and bad leadership, the Russians were able to withstand the assault, and, as of 1872, Vladivostok is still under siege, but still in Russian hands.