Operation Sirocco is the collective name for a series of operations that ran from February to May 1872, taking place in the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa.

The Republique of France started a campaign to regain their former empire by launching an invasion of Britannian-held New Carthage (Algeria). Despite partial success in neutralising the Britannian base at Gibraltar, and successfully investing themselves on the beaches of New Carthage, the French found their attack facing stiff resistance from the Britannian forces and their FSA allies. Even a Prussian expeditionary force was ultimately unable to link up with their Imperial Bond allies after a grinding assault.

During the same time, the Britannians also launched an attack across the Red Sea to aid their new ally the Republic of Egypt in their war against the Ottoman Empire. Although the naval attack was successful, the land force found itself under attack from Covenant of Antarctica forces, and thus unable to complete the advance.

Additionally, the Teutonic Order launched an attack against the Britannian-held island of Malta, attempting to take the holdings of their rivals, the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller. The assault was ultimately thwarted with assistance from the Federated States of America.