Many models have access to drop on parts such as turrets, generators and rocket launchers. Knowing what these are can be difficult without prior knowledge, so to help out newer players, we've compiled a handy guide. The line from Spartan games is that individual drop-ons don't matter, as long as you're consistent in your usage of them (Although there may be some issues if you claim that rocket launcher is a shield generator).

Covenant of Antarctica Drop-OnsEdit

Almost every Covenant model armed with turrets has some option between standard turrets and energy turrets. Apart from this, they actually have a fairly sparse collection of drop-ons.

Turret OptionsEdit

Energy turrets are the spherical option, while standard turrets are the open gun mount. These are correct according to the Spartan Games store parts service, although some people disagree. But since the store is official, they're wrong. So sayeth Sebenko.

Other Drop-onsEdit

Other drop ons include the Time Dilation Orb generator options, with either the Teleport Generator or Energy Blast Projector options.

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