The Imperial Bond is one of the three great political blocks in the Dystopian World, and one of the two major alliances fighting in the World War.


The Bond was the first alliance to be sealed in 1870, as a formal alliance between the Prussian Empire and the Empire of the Blazing Sun. Empress Shinzua, looking for a way to lessen the strain on her forces fighting the Kingdom of Britannia in the Pacific, sent an envoy to Prussian Emperor Frederick Grunder, proposing a pernament alliance, as well as a sharing of technology, and coordination of forces. Grunder responded by authorising the London Raid, which rapidly shifted Britannian attention back to the European Theatre.

The Bond was further strengthened in 1872 with the signing of the Treaty of Zagreb, which brought about a relative peace between the Ottoman Empire, League of Italian States and Republique of France, allowing all to concentrate their forces on the Grand Coalition.

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