List of all pages in need of creation/content of the Covenant of Antarctica.


  • Prometheus Dreadnought
  • Diophantus Assault Carrier
  • Pericles Fleet Carrier
  • Hippasus Battlecruiser
  • Cleomedes Cruiser
  • Galen Escort
  • Daedalus-Beta Large Flyer
  • Icarus Medium Flyer
  • Capek Interceptor
  • Ptolemy Mine-Layer Flyer
  • Pytheus Small Flyer
  • Alea Small Escort Flyer
  • Herodotus Drone-Launcher Walker
  • Archimedes Command Robot
  • Arronax Assault Robot
  • Callimachus-Alpha Time Orb
  • Callimachus-Beta Battle Orb
  • Skorpios Tank-Hunter Walker
  • Socrates Bombard Tank
  • Atticus Medium Walker
  • Orpheus Drone Controller Tank
  • Xenophon Small Walker
  • Janus Infantry Portal Walker
  • Covenant Fortifications
  • Hyperbius Control Flyer
  • Kepler Drone Launcher

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