The Grand Coalition is one of the three great political blocs in the Dystopian World, and one of the two major alliances fighting in the World War.


Unlike the Imperial Bond, the Grand Coalition is not an official alliance signed by treaties, but rather an alliance of convenience, grown from long-standing friendships and understandings between the member nations.

The most noted example of this is that there does not exist a treaty between the Federated States of America and the Russian Coalition - the Northern War ended with an official ceasefire and resumption of relations, but Tsar Vladimir did not want to enter into a treaty with the FSA so as not to tie himself down under too many treaties.

In a similar fashion, there does not exist an official treaty between the Federated States and the Kingdom of Britannia. However, the two nations have set up joint planning offices in both the Carribean and North African theatres to improve coordination between their forces.

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